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Transport Company “KazInterplus“ is specialized on the international motor trucking. We`ve been successfully rendering these services for several years. Our company has a fleet of cars with Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks. Our vehicles with cargo sections capacity of 130-135 cubic metres have the most efficient characteristics for transportation of cargo from China. Due to high quality of Mercedes-Benz Actros, our vehicles are perfect for long-haul traffic of cargo. Loading of cargo from warehouse in China in cities of Horgos, Dulata, Chugulack, and cargo delivery to the client`s warehouse are possible. We look forward to cooperation with Chinese companies. Payment in yuans is possible.

«KazInterPlus» is a member of the Union of International Road Carriers of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It means we carry out our services of cargo transportation according to the Convention on International Transport of Goods Under Cover of TIR Carnets (TIR Convention)

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